Victorian crown with flowers leaves and stems

Victorian crown with flowers

Today, the fashion trends for interior decoration will towards minimalism, and the choice of neutral and cool colors for furniture. But if we combine this style with small flashes of color provided by a crown of Victorian flowers, which will without much money, we will have a new alternative to change the look of our home.

Materials necessary-metallic fabric 30 cm wide and long desired equivalent diameter of the coronary Florist-Wire colors hydrangeas prefieras- leaves Bouquets match the colors elect-A glass to place the flowers Water- Scissors.

Making crown

Go to the nearest nursery or florist hydrangeas and choose your favorite colors. Take the most beautiful and fresh you find, using its best. Take off the leaves and stems placed in the container with 2.5 cm of Victorian crown with flowers the flowers will dry quickly and can use them when there is no more water in the glass.

To make the base of the crown, winds the wire to a tube of about 6 cm in diameter, and formed a circle with him. Joining the ends with florist wire, leaving about 5 cm free for the auction. After closing the circle, roll leftover pieces of wire and tuck them inside the base.

Insert the stems of hydrangeas in the hollow base. To fasten, fine wires wound florist and slip beneath the crown not to be seen.

When you’ve covered the base, adding other dried flowers if desired, and sprigs of similar colors to the array has more volume. Make sure that the ornament will not stay recharged.

To hang, hook a wire mesh the back of the base in a picture hook, and you will have your crown to decorate Victorian home.

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