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April 14.2005 federal judge Tena Campbell of the federal district court in Salt Lake City Utah reversed the ban on ephedra.

Ephedra is an herb used over 5000 years ago to treat various disorders, such as asthma and bronchitis.
Because ephedra has the ability to increase metabolism, burn fat and became a popular ingredient used in diet pills.

About 12 to 17 million people consumed ephedra in 1999, reports the American Association of herbal products. Nutrition Business Journal estimated that sales of ephedra in 2002 were 1.25 billion US.

Ephedra is so powerful its safety was questioned, the FDA removed ephedra also known by its Chinese name Ma-Huang in the market in April 2004, claiming it was responsible for dozens of deaths.

The ban on ephedra did not affect the sale of over-the-counter cold medicines such as decongestants containing ephedrine often synthetically.

Judge Campbell states that drug agencies had failed to prove that ephedra at low doses was dangerous, and it lacked the authority to ban the substance without such proof called. She FDA to lift the ban on ephedra.

I know. UU. Ephedra ban is lifted, among other things, the court clarified that the FDA should follow dietary supplement 1994 Health and Education Act (DSHEA), and can not try the diet supplements like drugs or medical devices.

According to the court low doses of ephedra do not pose significant or unreasonable risk by a preponderance of the evidence. Companies that sell ephedra based products are allowed to resume selling whole herb ephedra products with no more than 10mg natural ephedrine alkaloids.

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