Skin protection business

AvonAvon has over 100 years and the products are time tested and honored. The company is a popular option for many people who are looking to make extra money because the startup costs are very affordable. Every two weeks Avon launches a new brochure that is filled with products ranging from makeup to collectibles.
Avon is also popular among consumers due to its wide range of product lines. They managed to keep up constantly offering new trend products, while still offering its loyal customers the products they love. They have a basic product line that is affordable, a teen product line is trendy and expensive line that offers more luxury packaging. They often have sales and that allow customers to test things through samples and return the things they buy and aversion. Its products are also hypoallergenic which is another bonus for many customers.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is more expensive than Avon to start selling, but the profit margin is higher because often the products are slightly more expensive. They offer a wide range of beauty products for skin care and have a good selection of colors and scents for customers to choose. They do not have the same selection of products such as Avon ago, but nicer offering packaging and are well known for quality products. Mary Kay is also popular because it is cruelty free and not tested on animals. They offer free makeovers and demonstrations for customers to try new products.


Arbonne is the most expensive of the three companies to buy products, but also offer a full line of different products. Arbonne products are all natural and very high quality which makes them attractive to people who want to avoid chemicals in its composition. They have a wide selection of products available in the skin care and beauty. Arbonne products are also hypoallergenic and cruelty free. Their products can be purchased online from products or packages separately. Are dermatologist tested and pH balanced for advanced skin care. The only thing about Arbonne do not use chemical dyes or perfumes, so they can be used in the most sensitive skin with little risk of reaction.

Votre Vu

Votre Vu is a new line of skin care coming to America from Paris, France in August 2008. This new line includes quality ingredients, packaging and snappy reasonable prices. Best described as a luxury spa quality products at affordable prices. Votre Vu is accepting consultants now for their expected launch. If you have considered getting involved in the business of skin care, and to this next company is a clear way to go. Learning deficits of other direct selling companies, the company has perfected the system adds the current technology that offers an opportunity that is seemingly endless.

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