Orejas Audiencia terpenoids and flavonoids

Tinnitus occurs when there is some damage to nerves or blood vessel disorder that has taken place and this event you feel like hissing, ringing, buzzing or ringing in the ear or inside the head.

There are many views on the application of ginkgo for tinnitus, although no conclusive. During the 80’s Orejas Audiencia 90’s many investigations were carried out, but hampered by traditional methods did not work much result.
A recent highly structured study reported no benefit. We require more study planned to reach a definitive conclusion.

Ginkgo Biloba has a complex pharmacological profile. The main elements are bilobalides Orejas Audiencia ginkgolides, together terpenoids and flavonoids form range. Some of the actions we have of Ginkgo Biloba are metabolic, garbage radical, anti-ischemic, anti-hypoxic and anti-edema actions.

Also companies with micro circulatory blood flow problems to give impetus to the flow of blood. When tinnitus is present the importance of the shares not yet fully known. The main reason behind tinnitus may be because it is possible a decrease in the blood supply to the inner ear. Therefore, if we were to put imagination to drug use in the foreground he told the chain of action, Ginkgo Biloba might lead to clinical efficacy for this purpose.

For the study, up 10 French ENT expert team members tested 103 tinnitus patients. Patients who had gone under surgery or infection or even suffered ear disease were excluded. Those patients who were chosen were given for the next three months an extract of Ginkgo Biloba, 4 ml each day.

Therapeutic success was rigidly standardized tinnitus symptoms. In the final results to be faster in symptoms experienced greater use of Ginkgo Biloba recovery group.

Morgenstern and Bierman printed a study in which there were 99 patients suffering chronic tinnitus. In the first stage all the patients were treated during the next two weeks to give 3 1 placebo pills every day. Subsequently, for 12 weeks randomly selecting a group was taken under placebo and the other to take active supplements 3 40 mg of Ginkgo Biloba.

Eudiometry showed the volume of tinnitus in badly pretentious ear was the most important conclusion. When comparing the results sheet was made clear that the sound volume is much lower in the treatment group and the placebo active.

Although the doses and methods used were similar studies had mixed results.

Conclusions were taken from patients for treatment choice or severity of tinnitus, the tinnitus volume was made through audiometer and evaluation by a specialist.
4 different Boiloba Ginkgo extracts were taken for use, as pills, injections or drops and uneven doses every day in each trial. According to studies reference was set for inclusion, but it was made sure that all paths patients had at some time reported that chronic or persistent tinnitus. In the process of testing the treatment time vary.

The end result is not effects of variations is in the dose. Ginkgo biloba extract has had a positive influence on tinnitus but a complete cure and claming effect.

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