Orejas Audiencia teases and taunts

The results regarding a otoplasty surgery are actually forever. In general, when surgery is performed, the surgeon will cut a portion of the ear cartilage and therefore eliminate meaning that can not be replaced. In some cases the surgeon can fold the cartilage more in which case it is possible to undo the surgery, but the results of the investment will never be the same as the ears were originally because the cartilage may or folds and wrinkles in it.

The otoplasty surgery is most commonly performed by children who are between the ages of four and fourteen, which means that this surgical procedure can be done to a child before the cartilage has completely finished growing. Although in general the cartilage to be close to their finished size and shape, this does not necessarily mean that the ears will look better. In general, if a child’s ears are sticking out too far from the age of four, most likely they have to deal with teases and taunts about his Dumbo ears for the rest of his life.

Otoplasty surgery procedure is quite simple and quite so carries only a couple of risks that can be easily remedied where necessary. Although it is entirely possible that surgery to produce asymmetry, this is usually quite rare occasion if it happens. Moreover, the only side effects associated with otoplasty procedure is bruising, swelling and potential infection. In most of these cases only surgery procedure itself will occur during the first seven days.

Because of all these variables, the procedure is permanent. Unlike many other surgeries that can be performed in younger children, the procedure usually require no follow more surgical procedures. Once the surgery is completed, ie, the end of the story. Then you or your child can go to happier knowing that never need another otoplasty ears again.

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