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Ear reconstruction is a very common operation and an operation that has the risk of becoming more commonly performed in the future. The potential increase in the number of surgeries to be performed in the future is based on the fact that skin cancer is a major cause of the need for surgery and the incidence of skin cancer is increasing.

Skin cancer is not the only factor leading to the surgery, the operation is also performed to correct birth defects and to correct the results of accidents or other traumas that occurred to the ear.
Ear reconstruction is not a purely cosmetic operation as the ear structure is also essential for the proper functioning of the hearing of the ear functions. The deformity of the outer ear structure can have a detrimental effect on a person’s hearing even though the inner ear is in perfect health and functioning.

Operations can be quite complicated because of the different curves, shapes and textures of the ear. The ear is made of cartilage and skin and skin rigidity to the cartilage changes depending on the position in the ear. Unlike ear cartilage most areas of the body formed also has a very good flow of venous blood and complex system. Doctors who specialize in ear reconstruction are nevertheless intimately aware of the complicated nature of the ear and procedures have been developed which are a great success for the reconstruction of all facets of human hearing.

Another important consideration when rebuilding starts ear is the symmetry of the reconstructed ear heard today as both are seen when a person is looking side. The symmetrical placement of the ear rebuilt with the current hearing is also vital for patients who wear glasses.

The placement of the ear, so the distance between the eyes and head height should be as symmetrical with the other ear as possible. The size and configuration of the ear are closely watched and heard the surgeon will mimic existing being rebuilt as closely as possible.

Full reconstruction surgery ear is not the only reconstructive surgery performed on the ears. Each sector of the ear can be damaged or affected by cancer of the skin and surgeons have perfected reconstruction techniques specific to each region of the ear, to return both appearance and function as close to perfect as possible.

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