Ordered garden

How watering plants on holiday

If you go for two weeks or more, surely you ordered a review of your home and your yard to a neighbor or caring friend. But when you have no one to turn to for help, and three days break even threatening to your beloved garden, you must anticipate the weather and ensure a permanent hydration to avoid losing its splendor.

Automated irrigation systems

If you are blessed with an automated irrigation system, set it according to the weather forecast estimated day of absence.
Deep watering at night should be enough, even if a heat wave is expected you can configure two risks, one night and one morning (before the sun rises).

In the market you will find soil moisture meters at very good prices. They are stakes that are inserted into different parts of the garden and floor moisture measured. By wire, send the information to the irrigation system, to determine when to give water to the garden plants. They are ideal for sites with showers, as if there was a big storm, surely you can avoid watering that day.

Home system to hydrate plants on holiday

There are many little tricks that you can implement to keep your plants hydrated in your absence. One of the most popular involves placing a homemade automatic sprinkler, which will absorb the necessary water as land dries out.

To make it, take a curler (hair tube, Chinese) and inserted into a lightweight fabric, such as canvas or gauze in two layers. Then put this creation in the mouth of a large bottle filled with water. Dig a hole in the floor of the stonemason, the pot or planter, and place the bottle upside down into the earth. Abundantly watered immediately, so that the dry land will take water from the bottle buried.

Remember to put bark, moisturizing beads or pebbles and leaves above ground stonemason, to help preserve moisture.

Before leaving on vacation

Prune plants suitable for the season and cut the grass, leaving the clean and garden conditions. The evening before leaving on vacation, make a thorough watering, and repeat if you have enough time in the morning, before sunrise. Do not be flooded, but be sure to leave the wet soil well so that your species and green your home do not regret your absence.

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