Jardinerias mouths

Automatic irrigation systems for gardens

The arrival of summer makes watering our garden is a priority, but sometimes we do not have the necessary time and becomes almost an obligation that weighs us feel that, especially when we go out, walk, or vacation, at risk that our garden look extensively damaged. And here, especially when automatic sprinkler systems come into play in a starring role. But which is best?

Choosing an automatic irrigation system

The irrigation system must be designed in conjunction with a specialist who knows us guidance on the amount of mouths necessary, depending on the size and layout of the ground.
Today, technologies have advanced greatly matter, and prices have become more accessible. In addition, automatic irrigation system makes efficient use, preventing squandered and wasted water, and can be programmed to water at an appropriate time.

The most appropriate automatic system must always have a flow and water pressure, and a timer indicating the beginning and end of the activity. Sprinklers or hydrants, should be selected based on the garden, since in this case mouths larger than necessary will not be beneficial.

It can be calculated generally every hydrant will have a range of five meters, so it is always a good idea to project the system taking into account the plants, furniture and garden accessories, in addition to electrical systems that could have to avoid cause damage to property or make an inefficient irrigation.

Keep in mind that the blanket of water from two scatterers or hydrants must not overlap. The water, once coming down, will spread below the surface. But if we allow that two overlapping sheets of water, there will be a sector that will receive double rations, which would be detrimental to the vegetation, and inefficient.

More advanced systems (and therefore more expensive) have irrigation controllers and independent timers for each hydrant. Moreover, the most basic systems have a single regulator apparatus, and more appropriate for smooth terrain without too many obstacles will.

Finally, to put the sprinklers should check for inappropriate sprayed areas. Preferably, they should not water walls and furniture to prevent their damage to structures. Remember to consider the beds and pots on the irrigation system, not just the lawn.

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