Jardinerias leaves and flowers

Before buying plants, we have a variety to choose from nurseries. We will see some more green than other, bigger and even more vitality. What characteristics should the plant to choose them?

To choose the best plants before buying, will not need us to be agronomists and engineers experienced growers.
Above all, we must observe carefully, being extremely retailers and critics. Some people have a natural ability for plants, and who should pay more attention.

We see, for example, that no wilted leaves or weakened, nor broken, wounded or soft stems. We must look carefully at the base of leaves and jardinerias there should be no holes in the leaves, to be sure they do not have pests.

If you buy a potted plant and see that the roots begin to peek underneath, better choose a new plant, because that means it takes a long time to pot without transplants, making it difficult to adapt to the new environment.

Similarly, attempts to review the roots. They should show either both below the surface, and should be noted whitish and strong. If you see blackened, this is a sign of rot. If you notice the weak and soft roots, it means that the plant has some discomfort, either by excess moisture or disease. Do not buy the plant if it has roots in conditions.

Before buying a plant, take it by the center and pull gently upwards. In doing so, it should be firmly rooted in the soil or potting soil. If it appears or is loose, it is better not to buy.

Look at the number of new outbreaks you have. It is good to buy plants that look strong, healthy and alive. Seeks those with buttons or unopened flower buds, leaves in full swing and the appearance of a young plant constantly growing.

When in doubt, jardinerias specialist dealer about the desired range. Explain what you want from the plant (which has flowers or not, that is evergreen or deciduous, etc. ) and place it where you think: If you receive a lot or little sun, much or little wind, if it is a wet or dry area, and any data you can provide. The specialist will help you choose the best variety.

With these simple tips, you will not be difficult to choose the best plants before buying. Put them to the test and you will enjoy good results, in addition to great natural investment.

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