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Tips for Choosing Garden Flowers

Choose flowering plants to the park should not be a difficult task, but it does require some time and previous research. It is to choose garden flowers sometimes is complicated because there are so many species available we do not know what to stay.

So it is that flowers should be determined carefully.
First, it decides whether the target will be purely ornamental or decorative, or if you want some other services you provide. Plants for the park can also offer fruits or medicinal leaves, for example. If they are large or are placed on a structure can provide shade in summer or repair of rain.

Garden flowers are beautiful, and best of all, it can be seen all year. This is because there are species that give us its beauty in spring and summer, as everyone knows, there are also others that bloom in fall or winter. When choosing flowers from the garden you can consider this aspect and plant species that bloom in all four seasons. In this way, all the time have beauty in your park.

The style and design of the yard can also change your decisions. Scan furniture, house construction, the amount of time you spend abroad and what you have available to keep them as to make them look really wonderful need to devote several hours a week.

Annual flowers should be planted each year and bloom in summer. Perennial flowers have a shorter flowering period, but are born each year without a new planting is required. Depending on weather conditions can choose different plants. Shaded sites are preferred for the following garden flowers: violets, hydrangeas, anemones and bergenias.

No collections because if plants in the garden. Accumulation is a very common mistake and need help. Choose three copies of each plant and never put one of that species. In the park, the plants will be nicer if you give them a definite edge, that is, if the plants in order. Nothing placed anywhere.

The colors of the flowers for the garden

Among the tips for choosing garden flowers must not ignore the fact the colors. We know that plants offer their various shades depending on the species, but it is not necessary to abuse. Gardening experts recommend define up to three colors for every season.

You can also combine the flowers in your garden just as you do with the decor inside the house. (Red, yellow and orange) warm tones will give the park a more welcoming appearance. Cool tones (blue, purple and lilac), however, will provide a sense of grandeur, ideal for small fields.

In addition, flowers can create harmony or rhythm. This is achieved through repetition of colors. Try to form groups of shades to achieve contrast and for everyone to realize that you followed a plan.

In turn, you can create focal points in the garden plants. Always gets there sites and rest your eyes are not full of color and brightness. Leave free spaces in the park, or places species that are not too colorful.

The meaning of colors in your garden

The colors of the flowers say a lot of that housing. Consider these concepts:

Red flowers: A crisp and colorful garden. Roses, azaleas, carnations, tulips and nightshades are the most recommended for this effect. Choose terracotta pots and mud to maximize the joy and do not forget to accompany (if you place) with plum and maple.

Orange flowers: It is also synonymous with happiness, but at the same time stability. It is a great ally against depression. Go for begonias, marigolds or gerbenas.

Yellow flowers: It gives an idea of optimism and positivism. It is exhilarating. Do not hesitate to daisies, chrysanthemums and acacias.

Blue or purple flowers: They relaxing and de-stressing, ideal for small gardens and internal effects. If you plant magnolias, violets and hyacinths Alps, always combine them with white species such as jasmine, orange blossom or orchids.

To choose the flower garden just you need good planning, no matter if you have a large area or only have a terrace in the city.

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