Inspección Periódica Edificios overhangs

Overhangs: balconies and terraces

The overhangs are all constructive elements projecting horizontally or vertically leaning against the wall of a building or, are the structures that make up the floors of balconies and terraces of the facades of communities of owners. Balconies and terraces differ in their construction system: the terraces, are usually a continuation of the floor, while the balconies are usually independent of the floor and its structure is based on metal profiles. If however, both the balconies and terraces are the elements inside the facades of the communities that require special maintenance.

Maintenance of facades overhangs communities aims owners prevent the occurrence of major injuries that may occur in them: deterioration of pavement, cracks in the slab, deterioration of waterproofing and impaired tray base, and also in the case of the balconies also have to monitor oxidation processes of the metal structure supporting the balcony. But the good maintenance of balconies and terraces begins to make good use of them and follow certain basic rules of use and conservation.

Balconies and terraces are calculated to withstand a certain Inspección Periódica Edificios if that limit is exceeded, the occurrence of certain injuries on the balconies and terraces is favored.

Especially be careful with the placement of boxes on the edges of the balcony or terrace and of course these should never be used as support scaffolding or other factors used to lift loads such as pulleys.

Besides proper use of the terraces and balconies, regular maintenance and continuous help to the perfect preservation of balconies and terraces.

This maintenance of terraces and balconies of the facade requires an annual review, preferably before the rainy season: the state of the plaster bases and edges, the condition of the flooring, the presence of moisture on bases and edges, state conservation of metal railings and their anchorages.

This will enable us to detect possible cracks, oxidation, loose parts on the pavement. arranged to prevent further injury time.

Annual maintenance of balconies and terraces should be supplemented by a comprehensive review every five years to check for cracks or arrows besides the Technical Building Inspección Periódica Edificios (ITE), which is mandatory in Madrid do it every 10 yearsin all buildings with an antiquity more than 30 years.

Maintenance of balconies and terraces are elements of the facade of the homeowners realize it corresponds to the community of owners, which does not relieve each owner to make good use of the balcony or terrace and as far we can watch that matengan its intact state. Injuries to the balconies and terraces of the facades of the communities end up creating conditions that can affect all elements of the facade of the community and generate premature aging of the same.

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