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the area of maintenance of a condominium are considered works, maintenance works and performances all actions aimed at physical and functional conservation of the community throughout the life of the building, but also to preserve a good Maintenance should aim at improving all the features that the different elements of the buildings and facilities offered.

It is therefore important that communities own the work of relevant inspection and maintenance not only for the visible elements for users of the homeowners but also for those items that are not visible as they are the vertical and horizontal structure are made, estructuralesy joints foundation of the building.

Overall it has to take into account the elements that are part of the building structure, including bearing walls in which chases should not be opened, they can not be altered without a check carried out by a competent technician.

Therefore, before planning any action by maintenance works, refurbishment, renovation or modification of structural elements, it must make a technical advice on the feasibility and the procedure for this and, if appropriate, the drafting of a study occupational safety and health.

The requirements for maintaining the structure of the buildings include actions such as:

No drill holes or chases in beams and columns and in case of hanging objects on the structural elements appropriate plugs and screws provided.

Avoid lingering moisture on the elements of the structure of the homeowners.

For hanging objects in the structural elements tacos and provide for appropriate screws.

No mounting on walls or major unforeseen elements stockpiles.
Fissures, presence of humidity, differential movements, changes in surface hardness, texture or color, signs of corrosion and carbonation level mortar lining armor: masonry structures shall be given special attention.
Summarizes the inspection and maintenance of the building structure has to carry out the homeowners could be fulfilled in the following actions:

Permanent inspection to ensure early detection of symptoms suggestive of lesions in the structure such as the appearance of damp, crashes, rust, cracks and grietasen any constructive and termite attack, woodworm, fungus wooden structural elements element.

Every 10 years: Control of the condition of the seals and the appearance of fissures and cracks in the walls and pillars of ceramic blocks or lightweight concrete mortar and checking the status of sealing expansion joints in concrete structures and the protective paint on steel or wood.

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