Inspección Periódica Edificios installations


Supplementary Technical Instruction ITC-BT-05 Checks and Inspections of Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations (REBT) is to develop the provisions of Articles 18 and 20 of that regulation, in relation to the pre-commissioning checks and mandatory inspections of electrical installations in buildings.

They differ in the Technical Instruction (ITC-BT-05) between the verification and inspection of electrical installations. Verification of electrical installations will be performed by installation companies that run, therefore, the authorized installer is responsible for the perfect functioning of the electrical system and was developed in two phases: verification examination and verification by measurement or test.

Verification test is not necessary actions and will be held for the entire installation without Inspección Periódica Edificios will include consideration of permanently installed electrical equipment, its adaptation to the requirements in the project and its perfect Inspección Periódica Edificios identifying circuits, fuses, switches, etc. The existence of protective measures against electric shock by direct contact or insulation failures derivatives of the active parts of the installation, calibration of protection devices and signaling the presence of barriers and accessibility firewall to ensure the comfort of operation and maintenance.

Verification by half or trials comprising as set forth in the Technical Instruction ITC-BT-18 and 19 comprises: Dimensions continuity of protective conductors, resistance measurement of grounding resistance measurement of conductor insulation floors and walls, and measure the dielectric strength.

Inspection of low voltage electrical installations must be performed by an approved inspection body (OCA) differentiating between initial inspections and periodic inspections. The first will be held after completion of the facilities, their extensions or modifications and as a preliminary step before being documented by the competent body of the Autonomous Community and the second, periodic inspections, will be mandatory for all communities to have owners with more than 25 homes, have hired a top at 10 KW power. and more than 10 years old and must be performed every 10 years.

The result of compulsory periodic inspection must be reflected by the Control Agency in a certificate bearing the state qualification common in any of the following terms electrical installations: absolute, conditional and negative. Do not forget that even if the responsible for making the mandatory periodic inspection is the Authorized Control Body (OCA) is the homeowners ultimately responsible for carrying it out and hire the services needed to perform the inspection.

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