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the field of rehabilitation of buildings, the State Plan for the promotion of rental housing, the edificatoria rehabilitation and regeneration and urban renewal, 2013-2016 had already established some plans you are assigned a number of rehabilitation aids and owners’ homes. Specifically in the program promoting the rehabilitation edificatoria performances community rehabilitation and housing fund and the amount of aid to such actions they were determined.

These grants are intended to encourage sustainability, accessibility and energy efficiency of a condominium and housing and including the aid approved last Thursday August 1, 2013 by the City of Madrid for the rehabilitation of homes and communities must be added owners located in areas of integral rehabilitation (ARI) City of Angels, Lavapies and San Cristobal de los Angeles.

The structural and functional adaptation of homes and communities of owners and the living conditions of these are the goals of this aid that may amount to a maximum limit of 10,000 euros per household depending on the income of applicants. Thanks to this help those works aimed at ensuring security in the building structure, provide adequate access conditions, sealing against rain and humidity, thermal insulation and achieve an improvement in the conditions of habitabilidadde the homeowners or the households will benefit from a grant of up to 35 protected budget.

The new plan of aid for the rehabilitation of homes and a condominium located in any comprehensive rehabilitation Inspección Periódica Edificios previously mentioned, has a multi-year basis and will remain until 2015, can benefit from these communities, owners, tenants and housing located in one of these areas of comprehensive rehabilitation.

In addition to grants for rehabilitation work in areas of comprehensive rehabilitation, the Madrid City Council has established a series of grants for the rehabilitation of buildings whose technical building inspection (ITE) is unfavorable, and require conduct rehabilitation works on decks, patios , structural elements, floors, Inspección Periódica Edificios in the general sewage.

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