Indeed anxiety

People with social anxiety disorder have difficulty coping with many everyday situations. They feel very overwhelmed by something as simple as going to the supermarket. The feelings one can experience can be very intense to the extent that can cause a fear of going out in public.

Symptoms and reactions of social anxiety disorder vary from person to person. At one end, a person can remain confined to their homes for fear of leaving, while others may experience anxiety in social situations, but will go ahead with them.

The fear that they may include a fear of being judged by other people, the fear that they may make a mistake and everyone will notice, the fear of having all care about them or the fear of humiliating or embarrassing themselves in front of people. People with social anxiety disorder generally have low self-esteem and believe that others are much more capable than they are in similar situations.

Anxiety is a perfectly normal response of the body when a person is faced with a situation that can be uncomfortable. People with social anxiety disorder however is completely different level of anxiety after people and, indeed, their anxiety seem quite irrational to most people.

The feelings that a person has but they are very real to them and they are something they are not able to control. Some patients may be anxious for days or even weeks before a social event and they know they can not avoid.

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