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If you are a smoker, you’re probably sick to death of the anti-smoking lobby spinning out the same old lines about how you are damaging your body and health. You’re not an idiot, you know all these facts. Heck, you’ll be hard-pressed to know the facts, since you have a big warning attacked in the face every time you look at a pack of cigarettes.
You know that smoking can cause infertility, lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.

So, why the anti-smoking lobby continue to throw the same warnings? I guess the theory is that if you hear the facts enough times, then eventually struck deep home. But if you continue to smoke, then obviously their tactics are not. As a former cigarette addict myself, I can completely identify with the frustration of the smoker. How can these people who most likely have never experienced addiction snuff, see fit to lecture them? Why quit is a question that almost always met with health response, but for reasons which I will expand soon, this is completely wrong question today with the smoker.

Every smoker knows that the habit of snuff is disastrous for your health. It is a fact, but obviously they continue to smoke. This is where anti-smoking out of ideas and become overwhelmed, because you can not see beyond the issue of health. All smokers and former smokers, however, know that the humble cigarette provides a hundred daily use. We believe that smoking reduces anxiety, good taste after meals, acts as a time-passer during conversations and nights, a trigger for creativity or meditation. Not really an abundance of reasons why smokers continue what they do.

Are these reasons to force smokers to continue the habit, and this is what health campaigns not understand. The secret is nu fuma smokers do not need reasons to stop, they need fewer reasons to continue.

If the smoker can uncover the reasons why the use of persisting with cigarettes and then have fewer cravings really. Why quit is not the issue that the smoker should ask themselves, but rather Why continue to smoke? . The smoker should make a list of the reasons you feel smoking is an essential part of everyday life and then carefully assess – and expose – reason everyone at once.

It is absolutely essential to understand this fundamental difference. The smokers will never be pushed down back, and if not they should be. Smokers are human, and yet are treated and feel like second-class citizens. Health is not a sufficient argument just heavy weight to tip the scales against all the other reasons, the smoker has to follow the custom. If you want to quit smoking, you should work backwards, wondering how they have changed since you started the habit of smoking and questioning what has really done for them. If the smoker can do this, your chances of finally kick the habit is likely to increase tenfold.

We will evaluate some of the reasons you choose to continue to smoke, and what a cessation can do for us. First, there is the matter of procrastination. Many smokers believe that cigarettes provide bursts of creativity, or even act as a mild sedative during times of anxiety. The truth is that the snuff obstructs the cardiovascular system and therefore considered themselves smokers themselves constantly short of breath and sapped of all energy. This lack of energy, in turn, is precisely what can encourage procrastination.

Secondly, there is the belief that we need cigarettes as a social property. This argument is one of the most difficult to uncover, but there are some good reasons why you might see. For starters, we all have our male role models, and it is very unlikely that smoke. Does your lack of smoking or not make them less cool, sexy or aspiration? Just. In any event, reinforcing its status as a model. Then we can simply look around us and see the vast majority of people enjoying their socialization, without the need to smoke if they can do it, surely then the smoker can too.

Finally, we can look at the wind of change blowing through our society – the smoking ban public are being implemented throughout the West, and it is only a matter of time before officially smoking becomes a struggle against the habit of smoking. Whereas the snuff may have a wait of fashion decades ago, is simply regarded as the action of the weak of will in a few months, when smokers are huddled outside bars and pubs in all weather conditions have a curtain smoke.

These are just two smoking reasons that have been a breath-with a few minutes of reflection. If the smoker can take several hours assessing their apparent urge to smoke, then probably get dozens more legitimate questions as to why I should quit. Quitting smoking is a wonderful gift for the individual – one can re-claim health, good shape, taste, money and pride in a very short period of time. No final decisions have been made, but should allow smokers to investigate what life on the other side.

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