Finished Shaving Advice for Men


Use these tips to ensure the satisfaction of a good shave.


Give yourself at least ten minutes before shaving, once you get out of bed in the morning.
Wash your face, or cleaning using an exfoliant to remove any dead skin and make sure you have moistened the face with warm water before starting to shave.
They face a hot cloth is ideal for this. Dampening the face has the effect of inflammation facial hair shaft, making it easier for the razor to give you a close shave.
Always use a shaving brush, soaked in hot water for about 10 seconds, and either a small dab of shaving cream for saving central brush, or work the brush in his shaving soap. Make a thick foam shaving bowl or cup – this should take about 15 seconds.
Using your shaving brush, lather the face in a circular motion. This ensures that you lubricate the skin and get under the beard stubble. To ensure sufficient foam, wet the brush head with water hotter than when re-applied to the face, it will create more shaving foam.

Make sure you use a sharp blade. We recommend Mach 3 blades, both for safety and for garcontrazar one close shave.

Do not use the blade over 7-8 days

Shave with the grain of hair on the face. Shaving your beard stubble against the grain can cause redness, razor burn and rashes.

Do not pull the skin too tight if you do not shave against the grain.

Rinse the head of your razor in warm water after every stroke. Navaja All strokes should be slow and deliberate.

After shave treatment

Having finished his shaving, rinse your face with cold water and apply an after shave balm or moisturizer to soothe and protect the face.

Rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in hot water, squeeze the brush head gently and then flick it a few times to get rid of excess water. Place the brush shaving brush stand, so Water can drip off the base of the hair brush.

Never – I repeat – never stand his brush on its end, or keep it in a closet or a bag, like hair in the brush smell, creating mold and putrefaction.

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