Finished Recycle a table

3 Ideas for Easy and Fast Recycling one table

If you are looking for ideas on how to recycle a table without spending more, here we are these 3 simple options, reusing what you already have at home or very cheap materials. The result will be a table completely new look, personalized to your liking and according to your home decor, and can fool even the most expert eye. Let’s create!

Bases for recycling a table easily

To renew an old table you need sanding to remove paints and varnishes earlier, and fill cracks or missing with wood filler (mixture of white glue and wood flour, tonalizada in the appropriate color).
Let dry and sand again to achieve a flawless surface for any finish. For a much better finished painting, apply a uniform layer of fixer or water sealer, which closes the pores of the wood, hydrate and prevent the abuse of paintings.

Once dry this basis, apply a to two layers of acrylic paint in the desired color. On it you’ll be able to work decorative painting, decoupage technique, technique patinated, pickling, latticed flat elements or whatever you want, even apply chalkboard paint so that your children can draw on it.

1. Recycle the table with a canopy

A good way to give a different look to that worn table is placing a simple canopy. Measure the width, leg to leg, below the lid, both lengthwise and widthwise. Cut the strips canopy: flat top and sides (mitred for a better socket, or calculating the thickness and then close them in the drawer and fix with fillings to achieve a binding partner), and rolling in the bottom, like flights the awning of an old cafe or an elegant canopy bed.

Paint the parts following the same technique as the table or, better yet, put the cleats canopy in place (fixing them to the legs and below the top of the table) and then seals and paint the entire piece, unifying it further.

Want to save at work? Cut the Styrofoam pieces (polyspan) and cover with a layer of newspaper dipped in glue. You’ll be amazed at the strength that you will achieve with it, and even can make interesting drafts in your canopy.

2. Renews the table with a decorative gutter

You can also renew an old table lowering the edges of the lid or creating a decorative trough at the top (using a router, a manual mill or chisel) and with the same tool, by turning the legs to unify the look. Then sealed and painted with the technique you prefer: it will be new, and you can adapt the design lowered to room decor where you will look. You can leave gutters in depth or fill them with resin and catalyst in the color you prefer, simulating glass embedded, very elegant!

3. Painting, the easiest method to renew a table

The easiest way to recycle a table is just paint. That’s right: after sanding, sealing and painting base, let your children are artists. To paint whatever they want. Let dry perfectly and protected with two coats of water-based varnish to preserve your artwork. It’s an easy way to integrate an old worn table as a new element in the kids room.

Now you know 3 simple ways to recycle a table you have forgotten in the attic or basement, you just need to put your hands costume and let the imagination fly!

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