Finished Napkins Decorating

Pineapple-shaped napkins to decorate the table

When we have special guests for dinner, the table is decked. We put our best dishes, special cloth and up to several sparkling clean and well drinks. But if you want to go a step further, you can learn to fold napkins shaped pineapple, a detail that will delight diners and also decked further meeting.

For folding napkins and table decorations, we show a simple and elegant way to pineapple shape.

Steps to fold the napkins like pineapple

First, bend napkin in fourth parts, identifying the loose ends
Then we fold up the first point, matching the opposite end
We repeat the same operation for the other 3 points, but always leaving a distance of half a centimeter

Once finished, we turned inward side

Finally, we turn and place on plate. In this way, we stay the pineapple-shaped napkin to decorate the table.

Click on the video below where you can see all the steps to fold the napkins with this original and elegant way.

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