Finished Mantenimiento Edificios


The rehabilitation of the facades of the community of owners usually performed by well medianteenfoscado systems monolayer plaster or cement mortar plasters. These solutions, with the emergence of gifted thermal insulation systems, are being abandoned because in the end are more expensive and less durable (painting on plaster has a lifespan of 8-10 years or so compared to 40 0 50 year life other thermal insulation systems).

Plaster monolayer system involves the application of a mortar cement composition, additives, aggregates, and fibers, extending over the walls of the enclosure in a single layer about 15 mm thick.

The finished product has different possible textures and colors that is, good waterproof and breathable properties that contribute to good hygrothermal behavior of facades nothing but improve the thermal and acoustic insulation.

Plastering cement mortar system is the hardest and the most resistant but have negative aspects: excessive rigidity that causes cracking easily, very poor finish that requires application of another layer (usually a paint finish ), it requires a lot of investment in maintenance and poses no savings on the energy needs of the building. It is the system with lower initial cost and the most common facades housing budget and the rehabilitation of most lasmedianeras.

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