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Have you tried to quit without cutting first, only in the light of a day or even an hour later? Some experts will tell you that cold, Turkey is the way to stop smoking. What if you just can not stop this? You should choose a method to quit you like and can be done successfully.

In all the ways you have used to quit smoking, do you try to cut slowly? Reduce smoking slowly it allows you wean your body of the addictive effects of nicotine.
In addition you will have control of your smoking addiction permanently.

Follow these steps to make a gradual quit on yourself calendar:

Step 1. Estimated number of cigarettes they usually smoke every day.

Step 2. Decide the number of cigarettes that can take away from your daily diet. I suggest to use the number is 2 per day. This number is called the Daily Reduction Number.

Step 3. Divide Dejar De Fumar 1 Dejar De Fumar 2. For example, if you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, divided by 2, you get the number 15. This is the number of days you need to reduce your smoking to zero.

Step 4. Take paper and some on the left side write down the number of days you calculated in step 3 above. For example, if your number was 20 days, write Day 20. Just below that write Day 19, Day 18, Day 17, and so on all the way to Day 1.

Step 5. From the end of the list (Day 1) writes in the Daily Reduction Number from step 2 (in this example, 2). Day 2, add the Daily Reduction Number to the number on Day 1. In this example, you must type in 4 Day 2. On Day 3, add the Daily Reduction Number to the result on day 2. Continue this process until They add to the top of your list. You are now that many days away from quitting!

After taking the above steps you can start cutting, gradually. Take your plan termination with you at all times. You may want to add to your pack of cigarettes.

Start your plan the number of cigarette smoking on the first date of his plan. When you smoke, put a check mark next to the day when you are at this time. When the number of marks is equal to the number of cigarettes assigned for that day, you are finished for the day smoking. Be careful not to smoke cigarettes all at an early stage of the day.

Here’s a tip that will greatly improve your chances of success to keep you honest. As with most anything worthwhile requires some effort. Earlier in the day, from the day of the award of cigarettes and put them in a package or bag. Upon visual track the number of cigarettes that have left for the day, you can better understand how space out their cigarettes. One more thing: if you access the end of the day with cigarettes left over and not add the next day of allocation of cigarettes. Instead, pat you on the back to smoke less than expected.

Use the following formula to calculate your personalized quit plan:
(Typical number of cigarettes smoked daily) Dejar De Fumar (Number of Newspapers Reduction) = days (eg 40 cigarettes Dejar De Fumar 2 less cigarettes per day = 20 days).
The plan as outlined above is merely a variation of the weaning process. If necessary, modify the plan to match their own smoking habits, number of cigarettes smoked, the number of days to stop smoking, etc.

Quit gradually can be a simple way to end his addiction to snuff. By weaning of the addiction of nicotine, and taking control of your habit, stop doing much more accessible. Home trim today!

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