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The azaleas are deciduous and evergreen flowering plants that bloom in spring. Found mainly in humid mountainous places, azaleas flowers die only after a few weeks of life. Like much of the sunlight is not a problem for azaleas, how to grow in your home takes only a few additional steps on your part.
If you want to learn how azaleas can be grown as a houseplant, then go through the following article for instructions.

Azaleas grow indoors

Azaleas grow in your home offers lots of shine and beautiful funnel-shaped flowers. Flowers azaleas bloom for a month at a time in cool, moist conditions. So a place for these flowers would be on the porch or window. All you have to do is keep watering your azaleas. If you have decided to plant azaleas covers, how to grow and care for these plants can be challenge-free.

Materials needed

Acidic houseplant fertilizer

A peat-based potting

Spray bottle

Clay pot


Step azalea From a reputable breeder or nursery, buy your azaleas, planting some flowers or flower buds will be much easier than seeds. Make sure your azalea has dark green leaves with plenty of buds.

Step azalea azalea As discussed above, azaleas need a cool place for growth. So you should choose a room or porch that can maintain a temperature between 55 F and 60 F. Another reason to keep azaleas in a cool place because this will prolong the blooming season, compared to one month . The plant does not need direct sunlight (shaded area), however, do keep the plant where there is plenty of sunlight. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to keep the plant directly into the afternoon sun. During the noon sunlight can damage the flowers of azaleas.

Step azalea Now comes the part where water the azaleas. How to grow the plant and keep it for a long time bloom depends on it. So always keep the soil moist and should be moist to the touch at all times. But be sure not to drown the plant also. When no flowers, fill the spray bottle with water and mist leaves once daily. You can use tap water to mist and water azaleas.

Step azalea azalea Always be sure to remove dead or damaged flowers. Pull them out of the ground and discard deadheaded flowers too. Also remove dead flowers that might have fallen on the floor.

Step azalea azalea Buy a houseplant fertilizer acid and use it for flowers once a month. The bag of fertilizer should say acid or should contain sulfur in it as it also works. Only time you will use the fertilizer is when the flowers are dead, and stop giving fertilizer when the plant has flowers.

Step azalea Once the azaleas start crowding, repot, preferably in late summer or early fall. Most azaleas need transplants every 2 or 3 years in a pot largest mud. To transplant, add peat-based potting soil in the pot of new mud and then transfer the plant with its root system too. The correct way is by holding its base and gently tilt the old pot upside down. Thus the plant out of the pot slide easily and can be replaced in the new pot immediately. You will need to use potting soil to cover the roots and pat lightly around the base.

Now that you know the right steps to take care of azaleas, how to grow them will be a cinch. If you live in a city where water is alkaline, add a tablespoon of vinegar in a gallon of water for irrigation, but no fogging. As we saw azaleas received acid fertilizer, the soil pH levels must be maintained. To activate flowering, leave the plant outdoors in summer. This way you can provide cool autumn breeze. But be sure to bring the plant inside when the frost comes.

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