Depresion adolescents and their

You are going through a transitional phase, if you are a child or a parent of teenage son or daughter. We know that this is the period of great physiological and psychological agitation for grown child. Psychiatrists say that the father should grow with the children to understand their needs and dislikes.
In most cases, parents often blame their children to forget the irresponsible behavior of their own past. These and many other things translates into a kind of rebellious attitude among teenagers. And when this attitude receives no vent, he or she succumbs to depression.

Acute depression-In most cases, teens depression is usually temporary or for a small period of time and not announce any radical change in your lifestyle. Maybe it’s just as test anxiety, depression as a reaction to an event at school or college, failure in a particular test, fight with a friend or break with a friend. These are the most common causes of teenage depression and usually do not last for an extended period of time.

Parents discord-Unfortunately, this is a very common cause of teenage depression. Discord between the parents, sudden death of a parent, physical abuse, or undue pressure from their parents may be the reason for a child to enter into problems of anxiety or depression.

Lack of free trade-this is the age when a girl or boy is subjected to enormous changes both physical and mental. The physiological changes such as getting attracted to the opposite sex, masturbation, etc. can cause unnecessary tensions among young people, especially so if these issues are taboo at home and school. Because of this, older children can fall prey to misinformation and start feeling guilty lead to depression.

Family history of depression is also one of the causes of depression.

Because of one or more of these causes, not your teen to get good things in life and feel all that bad here. When he can not share his thoughts to loved ones at home, you feel more out of place the world. However, your child needs proper care and definitive treatment, if he is suffering from a persistent depression. One of the most important aspects of family therapy treatment is focused on counseling and behavior therapy for adolescents and their parents. Along with this, pharmacological treatment with antidepressants, can be decided with the opinion of an expert. Adolescence is beautiful and never return again. We will make the best use of it and enjoy life!

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