Depresion adolescents

Depression is a mental disorder that can give place and other psychological symptoms. Various studies of 5-8 percent of teens around the world get affected with depression. The boys are more susceptible to depression than girls among adolescents.
It is very difficult to identify the symptoms of depression in adolescents is the biggest reason often gets undiagnosed. However the most common symptoms of depression in adolescents are:
1. Sadness long known is the major symptom of depression in adolescents.
2. Irritability.
3. A feeling of worthlessness is also one of the prominent symptoms.
4. Sleep problems such as insomnia or excessive sleeping.
5. The difficulties in school, such as concentration and less interest in extra curricular activities.
6. Difficulty getting along with parents and friends.
7. Less interest in daily activities.
8. Low self-confidence.

Depression in adolescents can be treated easily. All you need to do is just identify the symptoms of depression. It is very necessary to identify symptoms and seek proper treatment in time, so that the effects of depression in adolescents can be annulled. The exact cause of depression in adolescents has not yet been discovered. According to experimental studies, it is a biological disorder due to chemical imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals are the main reasons for the normal functioning of the human brain, including sensation, movement, emotion and memory.

Most teenagers do not know exactly about the reason for their depression. They need to understand that, usually due to emotional stress or events taking place around them. Below are the most common reasons for depression in adolescents indicated
1. It may be due to genes.
2. The possibilities are high if you have suffered from depression in the past to children.
3. Sudden death in family or friends or someone you love.
4. Possibilities of depression in adolescents are even higher if you have suffered from anxiety disorder or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the past.
5. Family problems and conflicts at home between mom and dad.
6. Inferiority complex of other teenage friends in school.
7. Thought negative towards most pleasant things.

The impact of depression in adolescents can be very disturbing. May face problems attending school regularly, difficulty completing their homework, difficulties in getting along with their parents. Other problems that can confront teenagers can be in relation to health, such as stomach pain, loss of energy or fatigue and headache. They can also get engaged in the snuff, alcohol, drugs, etc. can also develop suicidal tendencies in adolescent minds. It is mandatory for teens to seek proper treatment due to adverse effects of depression can damage your future. Therefore, many methods of treatment, has been created to help you out, such as medication, psychological therapies, electroconvulsive therapy and many more. All you need to do is consult a specialist and go to the treatment prescribed.

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