Deposited Orejas Audiencia

Ear plastic surgery is also known as otoplasty from the Greek word for autumn ear. The ears are a prominent feature of a person’s face, any deformity or asymmetry is immediately apparent and many patients suffer great emotional and psychological damage because of the reaction of others to their problem. Children are especially vulnerable to the stares and taunts from other children and are often sent for surgery by their parents before too emotional damage is caused.

There are numerous plastic surgery procedures and operations available to repair all sorts of ear anomalies deposited behind the ears that stick out, to resizing and repositioning ears are not symmetrical, earlobe repair or complete reconstruction and even the ear reconstruction surgery and more. The procedure used and the area or areas of the ear that are operated by vary depending on each patient needs.

The ear most of their growth is completed by the time a child reaches the age of four years and this age onwards permanent changes can be made to the ear. Most patients who undergo plastic surgery are actually heard children aged between 4 and 14. Many doctors recommend that children undergoing cosmetic reconstruction as soon as possible so as to minimize the possibilities and effects of schoolyard bullying and teasing. Ear although plastic surgery done in a lot of children also performed very successfully in adults.

Due to the symmetry in the issues that affect the placement and shape of the ears it is not uncommon for doctors to take several ies photography and even molding the ears to give them all the information they need to decide which is the best procedure and the course of action to individual patient needs. The preparation and planning is an essential part of any successful plastic surgery ear.

Most otoplasty procedures and outpatient room surgeon under a local anesthetic is complete. The procedures usually take 2-3 hours and recovery time is reasonably short with most patients return to normal activities such as work or school within a week. Of course, more complex ear plastic surgery procedures such as ear full reconstruction will be conducted in a hospital under general anesthesia and can take much longer.

It is a physical surgery can have a huge positive emotional effect on adults and children alike, the procedure will give patients more self-confidence and improve their quality of life in general.

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