Deployed Napkins Decorate grinder

Shaped napkins to decorate the table grinder

If you want to present a table in an original way, you can combine tablecloths, use elegant dishes, make centerpieces original table with flowers and a multitude of options. But without doubt, a different way to acclimate dinner or lunch is to give an artistic touch to the bending them napkins shaped grinder, as we will learn next.

Steps grinder to shape the napkins

To file napkins with this design should follow the following steps:

First we deployed without napkin fold

We take four corners and in the center we match
We fold the sides inward, again making them coincide with the center of the napkin

We repeat for your other two side

Turn the model, we take the inner ends and pull out.

Finally, we turned two of his toes outward, and thus we stay napkin shaped grinder to decorate our plates.

Of course with words it is difficult to realize the results, so we have prepared a video where we show you all the steps to fold a napkin shaped grinder.

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