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In this article I will show you how to make creams for getting rid of dry skin the most effective and at the same time help you decide how to choose which of the many natural topical creams for dry skin are best for you.

We have all observed that the skin of a child or young person feels like. Soft, smooth, with a gelatin type quality to it.
I know of many children and young people using creams to get rid of dry skin. They are born with great skin like all of us. There are many factors that lead to dry skin and force people to achieve creams to get rid of dry skin.

One of the major reasons for dry skin healthy enough pure water or fluids are consumed. We need water and lots of it or our skin gradually dry. We need at least 8 glasses of pure, clean water and quality or juice per day. Water can also dry the skin if you bathe or shower in water that has a high chlorine content.

Chlorine is an extreme drying agent. Unless you are using a chlorine shower head filter that you are getting a lot of chlorine. If you do not use a water filter for drinking your water, it means there is a double whammy from the inside out and will soon be available for creams for getting rid of dry skin.

Genetics play a role in your skin type. Although for the most part, as has already been mentioned that all start with great skin. Some people just skin dries more quickly than others.

Climate plays an important part in the dryness of your skin. Do you live in a dry hot weather, or are subject to cold dry winter? Both will have to come to creams to get rid of dry skin. Therefore, how to choose the right cream? Two basic rules will help you make the right choice.
1) You can choose any dry skin product containing alcohol in it. Alcohol actually makes your skin drier and used cheap what do no good products. Ethanol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and SD alcohol should be avoided.
2) Natural is better. Choose natural topical for dry skin that contain all natural ingredients like collagen, Phytessence wakame and CoQ10 creams.

In short, if you want something that really works, they do not skimp on price when choosing natural topical creams for dry skin. Choosing the right can not give you the skin that you had as a baby, however, will do much to help get rid of that dry skin.

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