Constructed LIGHT FACADES to ensure

TYPES light facades

Light facades of the building solutions for building shells are defined according to the European standard UNE-EN 13119 (Curtain walling: terminology) as an external facade of the building made with framed mainly made of metal, wood or PVC -U, composed of vertical and horizontal structural elements connected together and anchored to the supporting structure of the building that provides, by itself or together with other structural elements of the building, all the normal functions of an exterior wall but does not contribute to support load characteristics of the building structure.

There are two basic types of light facades depending on the constructive relationship that exists between the light facade and floors of the supporting structure of the building:

Curtain wall: Light facade in which the auxiliary structure of the lightweight faade is suspended from the floors of the building so that it passes continuously forged ahead of the building as if it were a curtain.

Front panel: The auxiliary light facade structure rests on each floor so that the light is interrupted in each facade slab, thereby delimiting separate zones or panels.

You can also distinguish within the light facades other building types such as: light facades apparent structure, structural silicone curtain walling, buttoned glass facades, curtain walls in ventilated facades and facades captors.

Light facade, although traditionally has been used in new construction and in particular for certain types of buildings: offices, shopping centers, bus and train stations, large airports increasingly use their options also beginning to be used in the rehabilitation of existing buildings. Anyway, regardless of the end use of the building, there are certain technical requirements that must meet all the elements of light facades so that the basic functionality of all building envelope ensures: protection against agents external agents from the external environment.

Hygrothermal comfort and security are the basic requirements that must be met facades light to implement its functionality. Therefore, the light facade must be designed and constructed to ensure adequate thermal and acoustic insulation and to ensure structural safety against fire and Waterfront. But also because of the special characteristics of the construction system of light facades, it should contemplate the inclusion of elements to ensure lighting comfort, protection against solar radiation and, due to the large amount of metal element interconnected The protection against electric shock.

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