Cocina shocks

The choice of kitchen countertop is not a trivial issue. Functional addition to these, we must also look clean, its resistance and the aesthetic touch that will give our kitchens.

These aspects are what we will try to address in this article, and for this we will show the different types of countertops you can find in the market and analyze, trying to explain all these aspects of previously talked.

The first counter which will discuss the granite. Granite countertops are the most common to be found. They offer strength and durability, allowing them to cut and place directly on hot objects without being affected.

Do not scratch or stain, are easy to clean and can be found in a wide range of colors. Therefore they are a type of very demanding countertop.

A very natural alternative is wood. Solid wood countertops will give you great style and distinction to the kitchen, his noble and stately appearance. They are ideal for kitchens seeking a rustic and natural style.

This material thanks to the treatments receiving well water resistant, high temperature and stains. On the contrary, it is not as strong in the face of shocks, cuts and scratches. Besides its maintenance requires specific products.

Wood countertops are stolen or have the most used.

Marble is another very decorative for kitchen material. By contrast is not as tough as it is quartz, offering more easily streaking on the surface of the marble countertops material.

Finally finish with two very economic countertops. We discussed melamine countertops. These are very resistant to heat and shock, but are themselves are prone to scratches.

They are made of chipboard covered with layers that mimic different finishes, which can give a very striking result for a low price. Among the finishes among which we can choose are aluminum, stone or even wood.

The problem with this type of granite is the effect of moisture over time, as just cocina easily. Although the adjusted price can make itself profitable place to leave it to deteriorate and then place another new countertop.

Conversely fully resistant to high temperatures and humidity typical of this type of surfaces. What is not so well are resisting shock, as mentioned above, and is prone to staining. Even with proper treatment, all these disadvantages largely remedied.

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