Cocina shifts

If you are considering reform your kitchen and change the distribution thereof to maximize all the space you have available, the first thing you need to know are the different types of distributions kitchens there to see which best fits your kitchen.

A proper distribution will make your kitchen is much more functional, lets you save space and make this space a pleasant place to be. We know the characteristics of each of these distributions.

We begin by detailing the characteristics of the kitchens in L, one of the most common. This distribution is ideal for a family kitchen because in this distribution is easy to place a table and chairs and achieve a space in which to eat familiarly daily.

This type of distribution is ideal for kitchens of any size, whether large, medium or small. Another advantage of this distribution is the convenience it offers to work, and thanks to the intersection that is created in a few steps we have it all. You gain in flexibility.

We will continue with the simplest distribution of all, kitchens in straight. In these entire line of work focuses on one wall. It is ideal for long narrow kitchens distribution.

In this type of cooking more shifts, so it’s not a bad idea that the cooking area is situated in the center of the line.

We continue with a distribution that requires large spaces non overwhelm. We talk about kitchens in U. They use three walls of the room. In this way the flow of the kitchen is more comfortable as the distances are shorter.

Even if we speak of requiring space, kitchen with island are those that require more space. The distribution of kitchen with island part of any distributions we saw previously, although it incorporates a kitchen island in the middle of the room.

This island serves as a work space, storage space and placing stools, it can even serve as a place to eat. The ideal is to have at least 90 cm between the furniture and the island for transit cooking simple.

And end up with a very similar distribution to the line that we saw earlier. The kitchen is working on two fronts parallel lines of work, facing each other. There must be space between them should be at least 120 cm. for the movement of cooking is not affected.

Ideally placed work areas towards the end to prevent tunneling. It is also advisable that the area of cleaning and cooking are on the same side to reduce any possibility of domestic accident.

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