Cocina resists

The choice of material for the kitchen counter is an important aspect to consider before opting for one it is important to know that is just the counter we need. Then we will see the characteristics of different modern materials and analyze the stainless steel countertops, Corian and Silestone.

One type of granite that gradually is introduced in homes are stainless steel countertops.
These were common to find in restaurant kitchens or hotels, but not in private homes.

What are the advantages of this type of countertops? Mainly hygiene offered. It is one of the most hygienic materials exists, why it is used in industrial kitchens. Yes, requires an almost constant cleaning. Also resists perfectly to heat and acids.

The main drawback is what affects them over time to these countertops. Gradually they are losing that initial brightness they present. Although specific products and proper care we can overcome this disadvantage.

The Corian is another material that gradually has been introduced in decorating kitchens, although this is more widespread than previously watched stainless steel. This material is a mixture of minerals and acrylic polymer that is highly resistant to shocks and high temperatures.

In addition Corian countertops have an attractive sheen and can find them in many colors. Another of its strengths is the easy cleaning and easy maintenance of this material.

The main disadvantage of this type of granite is the price. Quite high compared to other synthetic materials. It is also a material that tends to stain, especially with very fatty foods. Although preventive cleaning, this problem can be solved.

And finish with a type of granite that insurance’ve heard, because its use is widespread and because the brand has become a generic term for a type of granite. We speak of course of the Silestone countertop.

These are quartz countertops, resins and dyes manufactured by the brand that bears that name. Quartz countertops these offers great scratch resistance, high temperature and moisture problems.

In addition we can find in a variety of colors and is very rare in these spots appear, especially if we follow his instructions and care.

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