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The kitchen area is perhaps one of the most difficult to decide to renew in colors is concerned. If you’re wondering how to choose the color of the kitchen, then we have for you a series of recommendations and tips that can help you choose the right color for this area of the house.

Before you know that the colors depending on their pitch and intensity have qualities on the mood of the people and the environment.
Dominating know that implement one or the other colors.

Give color to the kitchen

To help you with the question of how to choose the color of the kitchen, let’s talk about some very popular shades for use in kitchens and you can deploy on the walls and in the furniture and accessories that are in this room.

The first recommended color is popular and famous white. This color gives the room an air kitchen cleaning and brightness. The walls and furniture of this color are especially useful for small or for those with poor lighting kitchens.

In the case of using white as the main color for your kitchen, you can use pieces of other colors such as green, orange or red to raise its appeal.

If you lean opposites target, ie, dark tones, keep in mind that you must have a kitchen of good width and that has excellent lighting because otherwise you can dreary see the kitchen.

Also recommended in the case of black, blue and gray in kitchens lighten ceilings with clear tones colors. Also you should get your dark integrating kitchen accessories and steel metallic tones that extend the Spot Light.

Another attractive options for kitchens are acids or bright colors. Among these options are the oranges and reds. You can also opt for yellow, green and violet, among many others.

What is recommended with this choice is to contrast with kitchen elements made of steel or in glass, which help balance the spaces.

Another good choice of colors are pastel shades. These create enlightened and very sober environments. They are not for nothing kitchens recharged and are generally quiet or romantic kitchens.

The popular colors used in this proposal are pink, light blue and in general all tones with lots of white.

Full kitchen color

Now that you know the color options please note the following recommendations to add color to your kitchen.

If the kitchen is the favorite room in your home and where you spend more time in the day is best to use neutral colors such as cream tones as they give tranquility. No I recommend intense as they can strain.

I also recommend before painting have a good clean, flat surface that allows you to have a perfect result. Otherwise dare to renovate and add color to your kitchen.

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