Children and gardening clippers

Children and gardening

Gardening can be an art, a science, or a gripping family activity. It’s relaxing, entertaining, and a great activity to do with our children, with which we can teach values and explain, in a simple way, with a little effort and dedication we can achieve great results.

First of all, gardening is a task that requires some patience, but not too much.
The tasks are simple and can be performed by even small children. Therefore, there are many ways in which we can start our children in this wonderful family and household activity.

Ideas to introduce children to gardening

We can start with a simple task, something that does not require too much time waiting for the children to go internalized into this to see the fruits of our labors. For example, we can ask children to help us manually weeding a flowerbed, indicating what sprouts should be removed.

Irrigation is sometimes a rather boring for small task, but we can do it in an entertaining and attractive way for them. One way is to buy a small hand shower, colorful and attractive forms, to be used only by him or her. So, we may ask you water, for example, certain pots, so to see these beautiful plants revitalized and you feel responsible for that show.

In any case it is advisable to give young children garden tools (such sesgadoras, clippers, trimmers or scissors cutting) or dangerous products (medicines or treatments for aphids ant-killers, or herbicides of any kind). We can, for example, request your assistance in daily nutrition and reconditioning of soils, since children may be placed without chemical nutrients, remove dirt, or remove pebbles and dirt of the pot or flowerbed.

If you give good hand, you can take advantage of a very hot day to explain to your child the benefits of gardening. After hot afternoons, for example, flowering plants often suffer mild dehydration. So, at sunset, you ask your child to irrigate the pot in particular, and wait half an hour to go check it again. When you see the flowers have been revitalized, only for their help in watering, they will be motivated to help and care for more plants, pots, and the whole garden.

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