Charred kitchen

When we talk about types of kitchens we mean gas stoves, glass ceramic or induction, the three most common types of cuisines and those who always seem to leave hesitation to choose.

Then explain the characteristics of each, especially in reference to the main function of the kitchens, food preparation, and energy savings they offer us.

Speaking of savings, we must speak of efficiency, of course.
And this is measured by the speed when cooking. Induction cookers are very fast as the heat is generated directly in the container base. By contrast the hob is rather slow, while gas cookers have the advantage of giving the necessary heat almost from the start.

Speaking of cleaning, induction cookers are the most noteworthy because they are very easy to clean. By the way heat causes the plates are not heated, prevent charred food, which makes them very easy to maintain stay.

Among the other types of cooking, gas are much more cumbersome to clean the glass ceramic. Although we say that neither is better than induction.

Speaking of versatility, gas cookers are the winners in this regard. In a gas cooker we can cook almost any type of container. Ceramics also, but not the induction, in which not all used for cooking pots.

Price wise are also gas cookers that win, the most economical. The ceramic hobs are more expensive than these, but unless the induction. But yes, eventually consume less latter and may leave more profitable. The risk with gas leaks are possible, especially for the most forgetfulness.

Speaking of safety, induction win by a landslide. With glass ceramic is also no risk of leakage, but possible quemazos. Induction cookers eliminate that problem because its kind of heat is the coldest of the three (in terms of temperature, not efficiency).

In summary we would say that while the gas cooker is still the star of all domestic kitchens, gradually induction cooking is gaining more and more popular due to the many advantages it brings.

Besides increasing advances are made in this type of cuisine, so I advise you if you have to decide for one type of cooking the LOOK AT well. Although they are more expensive there, are also the safest and most profitable long term.

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