Characterized depresion

Chronic fatigue syndrome, once thought by some doctors to be a psychological problem or even an excuse for malingerers, has been officially recognized as a disease that affects more than one million Americans. But that has not made the diagnosis easier symptoms.

Fatigue is an alarm signal from a variety of diseases and conditions as well as persistent feeling of fatigue should never be ignored.

In my case I missed signs tell the story, to my family doctor suspects that may be suffering from a condition (ME) or Myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it is more widely known.

I suffered from this debilitating disease for about five years and took half that time for physicians to accept his own diagnosis.

My condition is characterized by debilitating exhaustion for no apparent reason. Eventually, with the help of medication and some sound medical advice I managed to overcome the disease and won again through good health.

I’m not against any scientific or medical school of thought of the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, due to the diversity of individual symptoms. I can not but refer to my own illness, symptoms, diagnosis and eventual treatment worked successfully for me.
The condition itself is caused by a biochemical alteration in the central nervous system within the brain and this disturbance is aggravated by overdoing things both mentally and physically.

Medication is prescribed to correct these complex chemicals in the brain that are disturbed by the disease process. These drugs are called regulators, or otherwise called neurotransmitters. Antidepressants. But that does not necessarily mean that the disease has nothing to do with depression.
Neurotransmitter regulators are used to treat many other diseases such as bladder problems and the fight against pain. In the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the antidepressants drugs only effect a neurotransmitter at a time, and therefore, a complete treatment that has been developed to suit my particular condition.
The second part of the therapy was regulating my activities to enable these regulators to work effectively neurotransmitters. This would sleep and wake up at the same time. Meals, etc and not get involved with anything for any length of time physical or mental.
One of the hardest things that can help or hinder the recovery program is the support of family and friends.

They can accept their disease and work with you, or worse, in some cases, may be too involved with their own lives and are unaware of what happens to you, or simply do not care.

For a patient, this only adds to the frustration, because of my own experience, some days are better than others. Raising the energy level, only to be followed by a full day of lethargy and brain fog.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers often lose contact with normal life because they are perpetually exhausted. It’s like being lost in a fog of despair without guiding light
There are no quick solution to the recovery of chronic fatigue syndrome, and the condition can be so hard people around as the disease itself.

The normal condition usually deteriorates everyday living and suffer many find it debilitating to the extent that marries. Patients and understanding goes a long way in helping patients to live through it.

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