Cellulite radicals

If the survey a cross section of people who think they know there’s a link fat cellulite. But if the same people were then asked to explain the difference between fat and cellulite I think the answer would be less close. Interestingly, cellulite is not only a product of fat, cellulite can occur in large or skinny thighs.
Cellulite is not discriminatory when it comes to size, although I do effect women more than men.

Many people mistakenly think that the skin is dimpled cellulite. This is not the case – the skin is just skin, what’s going on underneath that determines if cellulite is present or not.

Cellulite is just fat, however, is the way it is stored in the body that gives its indicator cottage cheese in appearance of the skin. Cellulite is the fat stored in the subcutaneous fat layer just below the skin. Is stored in chambers mcontraenen fibrous connective tissue in place.

Hormones can greatly influence this type of fat and most of the deposits are made during puberty and will depend on our body shape. Once out of puberty do not tend to increase the number of these fat cells and not our existing swell as they put on weight. This swelling of their fat cells, along with the introduction of toxins and other fluids which makes connective tissue stretches and hardened. This has implications for the effect of traction on the layers of the skin and create the dimpled appearance.

Other common causes of cellulite in addition to hormonal influences include, among other things, lack of exercise, poor circulation, increased toxins, poor diet and lack of water
There are also environmental factors such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol and taking into account the high levels of caffeine. These free radicals can enter our body, which can be very harmful and impair circulation.

The best way to reduce cellulite deposits is to adopt a healthy eating plan that limits processed foods, salt, sugar, swapping them instead of fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, organic fish and lean meats. Get plenty of aerobic exercise and sharing sodas and other drinks with artificial colors and flavors for pure water.

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Hopefully this article you will understand the fat and cellulite link realize that although there are steps you can take to reduce cellulite that is unlikely to eradicate it completely.

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