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Would you like to get rid of cellulite? Apparently, 99 women would respond with a resounding yes even supermodels. On the February 5, 2007 edition of People magazine, Tyra Banks, even admits he would like to get rid of cellulite. She is quoted as saying, I think every woman wants to do something about your cellulite.
According to page 88 of the article, Tyra admits that if someone left a miracle cure for cellulite to be first in line. Unfortunately for Tyra and the rest of us, there are no miracle solutions, but there are some ways in which the appearance of cellulite can be reduced. Methods for getting rid of cellulite include diet, vitamins, exercise and creams.

The reasoning behind the inclusion or exclusion of certain foods from your diet to reduce cellulite is that certain foods ccontradad minimize toxins and waste produced by your body. In general, you should avoid fats and highly refined foods. Try eating more fruits, vegetables and foods rich in fiber as these will help to flush toxins from your system. Drinking water is also vital for flushing toxins.

Make sure your diet includes some vitamins that are essential for keeping your skin healthy can also help get rid of cellulite. If the skin is thicker and healthier, then the fat trapped beneath bands will not be as visible. Recommended Vitamins for healthy skin include lecithin, omega 3 and vitamins A, E, C and D. If you are not receiving these vitamins in your diet, taking supplements can help in your battle against cellulite.

When it comes to the effects of exercise on cellulite, a combination of aerobic and weight training seems to work better. Aerobic activity helps reduce fat. Since cellulite is trapped fat, overall fat reduction will also help reduce cellulite. Weight training helps to boost your metabolism, burn more calories and build muscle.

Using reduced cellulite creams and lotions is another way to try to fight cellulite. This usually results in a short-term improvement. Creams usually work by plumping and moisturizing the skin to the fat trapped underneath is not as visible. Most creams have to be applied at least once a day and sometimes twice, depending on the product and should be used at least 8-12 weeks for best results. Normally when use is discontinued, the skin goes back to its previous appearance.

Until the miracle cure we all want is invented, using these methods in combination with others is the best plan of attack to get rid of cellulite. Want to know more about how to get rid of cellulite?

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