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As with any surgery, there are a number of different factors that determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. Using the five criteria listed and described in the guide below, you can develop a good idea of whether or not you are a good candidate for face lift surgery. Please remember, however, that this guide does not replace the advice of a qualified physician.

Beauty skin The General and overall health

It is never a good idea to undergo a surgical procedure if it is not in good health unless absolutely necessary or actually meant to improve your health. It goes under anesthesia, the surgical procedure and the subsequent healing process can be very complicated if you are already in poor health. As face list surgery is considered an elective procedure in almost all cases, it is unlikely that your physician and surgeon for the procedure clear that if they are not right.

Even if you are healthy, you should discuss any medication you are taking with your surgeon. Some medicines may interfere with anesthesia and complicate the healing process. If you happen to take any medication, you must stop taking either you or wean drug before going through surgery. Only do so under medical supervision. If you have to keep taking the medication for the sake of your health, it may not be a candidate for face lift surgery.

Beauty skin Your Emotional Health

Lifting surgeries are defined as success in case of a patient who came into the surgery with realistic expectations is satisfied with the results, after the healing process has come to an end. Surgeons have found, however, that people who are emotionally not well Lifting rarely successful surgeries. If a patient is having surgery to please someone else, or consider surgery heals a larger problem in your life, disappointment is a likely outcome.

Beauty skin The age and condition of the skin
The best candidates for face lift surgery are men and women aged between 40 and 60 who still have some elasticity in your skin. This is the age when the signs of aging start to become very clear. Between 40 and 60, the skin begins to hang, SAG and wrinkles. A face lift is intended to reverse these effects of aging. Although this is the ideal place to raise a candidate face age, successful face lifts were performed on patients who are in their 80s.

Beauty skin understand the risks and limitations of Lifting Surgery.

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