Beauty skin amounts

The Good

I was with a group of friends waiting to be seated at a restaurant we thought was very smart. As some places tend to be elegant, this place was a bit strong, so one of the most attractive girls in our group close to me inclined to say something. I have no idea what was about to say, because two words in the phrase she interrupted, saying, My God! You smell good!

La Mala

I was heading to floor 34.
The elevator car will jump word that the first 18 floors. It is a small mercy. The car was packed and almost all between 18 and 34 button lit up. It was a hot day and there were at least four different perfumes overwhelming assailing our nose. Every time I opened the door a refreshing waft in the air breathed, but then the doors closed again catch us again odors.

At the moment we are rounded at the level of 30 there were only a few of us left. The doors opened and one of the other passengers by air gasped as she exited the car. It was only then that I realized that my washing shame that one of the overwhelming aggressive cologne aroma is me.

How to use perfumes or colognes for things like Good things happen and so La Mala not?

1) It starts with finding the scent for you. Each perfume is different, and every person is different. Not only is it important to find a perfume that you like, but also to find one you like. A perfume should complement, rather than mask, natural aromas.
2) Timing is important. The scents you right note when you first put the incense upon the so-called Top Notes. These are usually bright and very noticeable, and fade quickly, within the first hour or so. The strong, chokingly floral aromas giving a crowded elevator to holding your breath usually caused by top notes of a perfume. To avoid gargcontralla you try to apply their perfume at least an hour early.
3) Apply the smell of well chosen points. Perfumes heat activated. The aromas to strain over time as your body is continuously heated perfume, known as the Heart notes are those that pleasantly you want people to associate with you. Must be a soft presence that comes and goes with you. The perfume Put under layers of clothing can not allow to brew as expected. Try placing small amounts into the openings of her dress, like just under your neck, arm sleeves, even if your ankles are exposed.
4) You might think of the Notes Base as the aftertaste. They are the flavors you want to stay in space has been and tease the subconscious of those who have gathered.

We like to look good, and we like to smell good. A good perfume can be worn like a fine wine, and misused as a cheap wine that Uncle Walter always drinks.

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