Asma symptoms

Asthma is posing a major challenge to medical science for its prevention and cure. Even the best prepared people can suffer from sudden attacks of asthma and severe attacks can even bring life to an end.

It is very important for a person to be aware of the fact that he is suffering from asthma.
Monitoring asthma conditions continuously is an essential step for treatment. Depending on the situation, there are three important and effective measures to be taken to cure asthma. They are listed below:

Reduce the attack surface: Asthma suffers have to take into account the circumstances that aggravate asthma and can trigger an attack Only then can take necessary preventive measures Air pollution is the most significant factor that can cause the attack. Also creates many asthma and other respiratory problems.

The exoneration of the attack: One method of relief for asthma is to make use of a kit called bronchodilators It is designed only for less serious attacks Since the gravity of the situation increases, additional medication is necessary to Low dose glucocorticoid or a mast cell stabilizer may be used for patients more regular attacks.

The immediate treatment for severe attack: oral glucocorticoids may be used for patients with asthma who need medication for severe attacks Bronchodilators functions as a standard of relief for all patients with asthma.
Any long-term use of medication to relieve attacks can create harmful side effects such as impotence, fatigue, liver damage, dizzy spells, and depression. Many patients are now following natural remedies that have no adverse side effects. Yoga is playing a vital role in the treatment of asthma as many yoga exercises focus primarily on the control of breathing. According to research results, diet plays a crucial role in reducing asthma symptoms. Omega-3, initially present with high-fat fish such as mackerel, salmon or cod, help the body produce more elements that help reduce inflammation of asthma.

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