Arranged Arreglos Florales to your

I do not know about you but for me the flowers are the embodiment of God’s beauty, at least one facet of it – if only one facet, there are many beautiful things out there too – but the flowers are one of my favorite facets!

In times of stress that today seem most of the time occur, and small happy moments seem to be delayed nice Sunday earlier, finding something you enjoy doing and why not enjoy it much later, is one of the best ways to relax a bit and start working refreshed in body and spirit.

Yes, this is what I do, after sitting for hours in front of the computer you just take the scissors and start the adventure with Arreglos Florales head to the garden and find what is available. May roses, lilies, simple long grass, green leaves of the flowers are not in bloom no more, whatever, is evergreen and considering that may add charm and beauty to your arrangement will.

It’s amazing how many plants can be found, plants that never really paid attention to! Of course, you do not have to cut your garden sacrifice for a unique floral arrangement! I am sure that each of us can use discernment here and decide for ourselves. However not everyone has a garden, is why the flower shop may be the best solution in these cases.

Okay, so now, after collecting the greenery and flowers, the second step is to make the arrangement. Among the simplest and yet very stylish (even if you are only using flowers from her garden) is the classic dome shape – a round bouquet – that goes well with many forms vases.

1. The first to make a round bouquet is remove excess foliage and thorns (if, for example when roses are used), and if necessary, remove the petals damaged.

A good tip is to keep the stems as long as they are while you are still working with them and just cut them to the length you want when you are finished with bouquet.

2. Step number two is assembling the flowers. You can take a flower Arreglos Florales stem with one hand while adding something green, leaf or something of the vegetation that has met with your other hand, hold the flowers in place. Build around the first flower you’ve chosen to be the center of the bouquet and keep adding flowers one by one mingling with the green so give them half of a ball.

Once you have added all the flowers and has arranged to your liking, make sure seems symmetrical, so that the flowers can enchant the viewer from any angle.

3. The third step is setting the industry. Especially when you do the arrangement with floral foam, the flowers do not maintain shape unless you tie them together. For this you can use a rubber band, floral tape or anything, as long as you can make this work. Tie the stems at the point where they naturally come together and make sure the bow is tight enough and yet loose enough to stop drinking flowers.

It’s just that now the time to cut the stem ends in the length you want. It may be necessary to remember that stem length also depends on the type of glass you choose for your agreement.

At the bottom of the vessel, river stones, shells, stones or glass beads give it a lovely touch (of course, if you have chosen a clear vase or, for example, a glass of champagne). They enhance the beauty of the arrangement. Oh, you’ll see the difference!

Can surely use your creativity at this point and explore your closet for a glass of champagne or a glass of wine, an old jar, jars or bottles, all these can be converted into interesting vases although some are rusty. Even a toothbrush holder can be used to arrange flowers in, especially making easy work, simply push the stems through the holes.

If only one flower, you can fill a glass with stones or glass beads and simply place inside his flower as central projecting flower.

We are talking here about their willingness to add to what you like, combining as it likes and does not hesitate to use your imagination! You will surely be happy and relaxed! What’s more, you will admire beautiful arrangement for the rest of the week!

The beauty and diversity of flowers can relax anyone and when they have to build their disposal, it is impossible to ignore its message of love and beauty of the Creator! Let yourself be embraced and kissed by a drop of beauty, purity and love!

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