Arranged amaryllis

When we speak of lily flowers, two species of plants with flowers that represent popular. They are Amaryllis Amaryllis belladonna and paradisicola, of whom the first is a favorite flower of many fans around the world. In fact, A.
belladonna is simply known as Amaryllis belladonna lily or. It is a deciduous, perennial herb that grows from bulbs. In this article we will talk about flowers amaryllis family, and growing and care of A. belladonna in detail.

Amarilis Flores Family

The genus Amaryllis is classified under the family Amaryllidaceae taxonomic order Asparagales. It is a very diverse family of plants that includes lily plants whose flowers like snowdrops, clivia (bush lily), daffodil, Scadoxus, the total number of species identified in this family etc is debatable. 60 states that gender amaryllis family, which together have 800 species are identified. Like the common lily flowers, flowers of this family are taken into leafless stems. Each flower has six amaryllis funnel arranged, and has a lower six stamens and ovaries.

How to Grow Amaryllis Bulbs Interior?

Indian in the dry regions of South Africa, amaryllis requires a dry state to remain dormant. When the dry period of compulsory rest is provided, amaryllis flowers are produced in summer. Besides large and showy flowers, amaryllis popularity as an ornamental plant due in part to its ability to produce healthy flowers in indoor environment. Grow as houseplants and can enjoy the beauty of bright inside lily. Many avid gardeners succeed in inducing amaryllis flower very cold season.

For growing amaryllis indoors (or in the garden outdoors), you can start from seeds or bulbs. You plant bulbs in October is preferred for rapid growth, whereas with seeds, further efforts for germination and transplantation is necessary. You can select amaryllis different shades such as white striped, pink, orange, salmon, purple and scarlet red. The basic requirements for indoor gardening amaryllis amaryllis bulb are no stains, container size (about 6-7 inches in diameter) and potting mix.

Be sure to choose large amaryllis bulbs with roots for maximum production of flowers. Once received, dip the bottom of the bulbs in warm water for some time before you start your project gardening. This will help in the rapid development of roots and vegetative parts. Fill containers with soil media about three-quarters of the total height. Take a planting hole in the soil mix (about the size of bulb) and gently place the bulb without damaging the fragile roots. Bulb cover with soil and press the soil to secure. Ideally, the neck of the bulb should be level with the top grade.

Caring for Amaryllis?

After planting amaryllis bulbs, water sparingly in the first few weeks. Remember to place the pots in some areas that receive maximum sunlight. Provide optimum light and temperature (preferably 68-70 F) promote the rapid growth of the stem and leaves. If the development of green shoots is observed, increasing the frequency of watering. In late fall or early spring, green, fleshy, strap-shaped leaves grow from the bulb in two rows. The leaves are about 2-3 cm wide and grow to about 30 cm long.

The leaves die back in late spring, and bulbs entering the latent phase to the blooming season. The end of summer marks the beginning of the flowering period for amaryllis. In short, one or two upright in growth, with leafless stems 30-60 cm tall flowers on the development of each bulb. Lily flowers are borne in clusters of 2-12 on the tip of the stem. They remain in bloom for two months, after which the stem is dried blossoms. At that time, amaryllis care is deadheading down and the green parts to induce flowering for the second time.

Therefore, careful follow simple flower amaryllis, and you can enjoy great flowers for more than 7 weeks. If you do not have a green thumb and are new to gardening, then you can also grow amaryllis bulbs. Many people choose silk amaryllis colors for room decor. Although they are artificial flowers, these silk flowers look real and are very difficult to understand for spectators.

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