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There are many fast growing shrub, growing in a short time, and provide good privacy and may also be used for screening. Thus, it is not necessary to place a fence, shrubs provide enough privacy. To do this, you can select the bushes that grow quickly.
However, rapidly growing shrubs may need frequent maintenance pruning. Therefore, the selection of any shrubs and trees right is important. So while selecting a fast growing shrub, consider fully mature height and width, and select those that grow to a height of about 7 meters if you want to go fast and shrubs provide privacy from pruning too much. Also, while the selection of all flowering shrubs and bushes that you want to plant in front of his house, in the yard or flower garden, be sure to select the bushes have grown height of 2-3 feet, so You can return to reduce the time of pruning.

Popular fast-growing shrubs

Redosier Arbustos This is a deciduous shrub that is popular for its stunning red stems. These are good choice as screening shrubs as they provide a quick middle screen in the summer season. They produce white flowers in late spring colors and white fruits appear in late summer. This shrub grows about 7-9 feet tall, with a circumference of similar size.

Leyland Arbustos It grows very fast, and grows higher. It can provide a garden with 3-4 feet vertical height on each growing season. This shrub usually has a very dark green color, but also comes in teal, gray, bright and golden color. However, this shrub grows very tall and with proper pruning can keep a good size.

Arbustos These are easy to maintain fast growing shrub. In addition, plants with purple flowers fill the surrounding area with a beautiful fragrance. These shrubs are often planted in rows along property borders and can keep as hedges. These shrubs are a good choice if you are looking for older types of shrubs. Another good option old fast growing shrub is the mock orange bush.

Arbustos Although referred to as invasive shrubs like burning bush, this shrub is also chosen as an option of a privet hedge. There are about 5 types of privet shrubs, including Chinese privet shrubs, Amur privet shrubs and common privet. These shrubs can fill better and look thicker if pruned frequently.

Butterfly Arbustos If you are looking for fast growing shrubs, then butterfly bush is a good choice. Butterfly bush shrubs are very popular as they provide privacy. Not only is growing very fast, but also help block noise. You can always see many butterflies flying around this bush during flowering rush hour. These shrubs provide large spikes of colorful flowers, which attract many butteries and hummingbirds.

Other fast-growing shrubs Good

Mock Orange


Burning bush


Pussy Willow

Diablo Ninebark




Therefore, selecting good fast growing shrub coverage, those with attractive mother and colors of the leaves and beautiful flowers and berry producing shrubs for your flower garden. Be sure to do proper pruning to maintain health and how these shrubs!

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