Approved Skin Care

Have you ever wondered why the big names in body creams are always more expensive than others?

I think it has something to do with the cost of advertising in glossy fashion magazines and inefficiencies in their production cycle.

Indeed, their advertising must be costing them an arm and a leg. (No pun intended! ) Celebrities like Elle Macpherson, Halle Berry and Beau Garrett to promote Revlon body lotion and creams, you should pay a fortune.
And we pay for that when you buy the Revlon products.

But even so, advertising has a return on investment, the cost is absorbed and eventually eliminate the products are sold worldwide in large volumes. Therefore, this cost is not the main reason for high prices.

The main reason to be inefficiency in the complicated process of discovery of new, excellent components of body creams, testing, and finally bring them to market. These probably add more significant than advertising at the end of counter prices body lotion and creams big name companies.

You can not blame the Revlons of this world for it. They need a way to maintain its quality. But the fact is that small, efficient enterprises can not only keep prices down, may also find better ways to improve body creams and beat the big names in the market for several years.

This is one reason why you should consider buying small body creams, independent company with a good research and development department. Scientists and technicians in these companies may be more innovative, flexible and forward-thinking than their counterparts in large corporations, where even small decisions often must be approved by managers higher up the chain of command.

I know a great little business in my hometown, for example, which took only 18 months to source exciting, new, more active, natural ingredients for a new range of products for skin care that just hit the stores. The developer says it will probably take its major competitors, at least 12 months to have these newly discovered ingredients in your body creams!

We have some new unique ingredients that actually do the work, he said. We have been able to access these and make them available now, although it may take a year or more of these ingredients find their way into some of the major international brands.

My theory about price also appears to be confirmed by the manufacturer. Despite his body lotions are technically superior to others – meaning that your skin looks better and youth is strengthened by them – the price is based on production costs. Not what the market will pay. So your estimate retail prices will be less than half of even moderately priced large international beauty brands.

Its products are something like three times the number of active ingredients, and can still do it.

Therefore, when you are shopping around for body lotion and creams have a good look at the small, reputable manufacturers as this gentleman. It will often be able to give you much more value than the brands advertised in glossy magazines.

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