Ahorro energético guarantees


Reform and rehabilitation of homes have not always been matched, but in recent times more and more people take the opportunity to have to reform your home to perform actions involving the rehabilitation Ahorro energético the same and thus achieve greater energy savings housing, which eventually allow amortize the renovation.

There are multiple aid offered by the government for those who opt for reform and energy rehabilitation of viviendasy, as important as learning aids which can be accessed in the case of reform and energy rehabilitation of homes, is namely the guarantees are the renovation.

The rules on guarantees in the housing reform are set out in two basic documents: The Law of Construction Planning and the General Law for the Protection of Consumers:

In the General Law for the Protection of Consumers within six months warranty on service delivery for hidden defects, ie those defects that are not observable at first sight is established.

In this regard the Code Civilestablece obligation to respond to the ‘vices’ construction for 10 years and 15 years for breach of contract in case of not sticking to the project specifications.

The Law on Construction Planning establishes the obligation to answer for defects that may arise in the renovation of housing in substantial changes are made to the building or structure affecting one, three or ten years, depending on whether defects affect coatings, paints and tiling, installations and building elements that are uninhabitable because of (walls and roofs) or elements that compromise the strength and stability of the building, respectively.

We should remember the importance of the reform commission or rehabilitation of housing duly accredited companies, to conduct a project in which the works are specified to perform and request the issuance of an invoice for all work carried out reform and rehabilitation. Another good step to take is to ensure that the bill contains the warranty period the company reform and rehabilitation provides for each of their performances.

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