Ahorro energético facilities and thermal

Small gestures SAVING HOME

Energy is a scarce and essential for the functioning of society in general good. That is why every time there is a greater concern to develop systems that favor energy savings: ecointeligentes buildings, programs that promote and encourage energy rehabilitation of existing buildings and the use of renewable energy are some of the measures that will reduce energy consumption helping environmental sustainability without sacrificing for them quality of life.

The energy demand of a building or what is the same, the need for it is built on how to use energy to heat or cool the interior spaces, is determined by its location, orientation and structural characteristics of their enclosures and can be by adopting improved thermal insulation systems.
The higher the energy demand of a building, the higher the energy consumption, which in turn is related to the type of heating, air conditioning, hot water, lighting, necessary for normal operation of the building. This energy consumption can be reduced if immaculately maintained facilities and thermal generation systems Ahorro energético efficient energy use.

But in addition to all the above means, it is possible to achieve greater energy savings in the home with small gestures and adopting healthy habits at home to reduce energy consumption without reducing the quality of life within the home. This is the aim of this video made by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE); it guidelines that reduce energy consumption at home and thus achieve greater energy savings while contributing to environmental sustainability offered.

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