Ahorro energético facades


Green facades or what is the same, those facades that introduce different types of plants as a means of covering the front, fusing with vegetal elements constructive elements that undoubtedly give many environmental benefits and help improve the energy efficiency of facades our condominium, are becoming one of the facades rehabilitation systems to consider to improve energy EFFICIENCY thereof.

In Europe, green facades, vegetable gardens and vegetable facades are becoming common and one of the resources boom begins to have as a means of improving energy efficiency in buildings. Proof of this is the creation in various European countries stamps or certifications of buildings to ensure the sustainability thereof (HQE in France, DGNB seal developed by the Sustainable Construction Association certification in Germany or Spain GBC-GREEN).
Many wonder how can the green facades help improve energy efficiency in our own communities. The answer is easy:

In summer, the facades verdesevitan direct sunlight on the facade, allowing the internal temperature is maintained in the lower building (up to 5 degrees lower) with which significant energy savings results from reduced use Air conditioning.

In winter, the opposite effect occurs, the facade vegetalretiene the heat inside the house avoiding it cool what means less spending on heating and generating energy efficient buildings that help to environmental sustainability.

In short, plant facades can be considered as a faade cladding system that improve the energy efficiency of our communities of owners acting as thermal insulation, regulating the humidity and temperature and protecting our facades inclement environment. Multiple are the benefits facades plant energy efficiency of our condominium, but so we can really enjoy those benefits must take into account various factors in the design and implementation of green facades water-saving systems and energy, choice of plant, maintenance of the facade, among others.

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