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Madrid Real Estate Exhibition SIMA 2014

The SIMA Madrid Real Estate Exhibition 2014 held in Pavilion 6 of IFEMA counted with the participation of the Municipal Housing and Land (SLA) to present its catalog of housing in lease and purchase in Madrid. Protected homes located in the districts of Barajas, Villaverde Vicalvaro and always have special offers and when buying, renting or leasing to own is formalized before July 31.

In the case of buying a home of Ahorro energético the council present at the Madrid Real Estate Exhibition, homes located in the district of Barajas, which have 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and in which buyers save costs Ahorro energético price 159,000 euros a house with three bedrooms.
For the rental of public housing (in the district of Vicalvaro), the catalog includes apartments with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms with garage and storage and the average price: 430 euros Ahorro energético month for a two bedroom. But if you prefer a rent to own, you can opt for a home with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms with garage and storage included in the district of Villaverde with a price of 430 euros Ahorro energético month.

Other innovations introduced in the EMVS Madrid Real Estate Exhibition SIMA 2014 are Ahorro energético program to help young people under 30 years with houses rented for a price of 149 euros Ahorro energético month, and the local program for entrepreneurs It offers commercial premises on favorable conditions for promoting access to the labor market.

Finally the SLA present a new service: Energy Saving Service and Rehabilitation SAER, intended as a point of advice to homeowners in the field of energy conservation and rehabilitation. Thanks to the creation of energy-saving service and rehabilitation any owner who thinks rehabilitate their homes by improving energy efficiency may seek advice about the various professional technical solutions for energy rehabilitation of buildings and homes. One more effort by Madrid City Council to raise public awareness of the importance of thermal rehabilitation of buildings and housing and benefits, not only in terms of energy savings but also in the quality of life, welfare housing and environmental sustainability environment, which involves rehabilitating our homes with energy efficiency criteria.

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