Ahorro energético engines


The use of renewable energy to supply heat and hot water are two of the actions subsidized rehabilitation of a Ahorro energético in fact the use of renewable energy is already covered in the current Technical Building Code as a prerequisite in building construction of new plant. According to this Technical Building Code in all the new construction it was to ensure minimum solar contribution to the energy supply of hot water for all new housing.

In a society where energy efficiency is imposed as the basic criterion for energy saving, the classical model of energy supply in buildings is changing and, if traditionally the energy has been generated in places far from final consumption centers and the transport systems and energy distribution and losses caused costs tend to be replaced by those who have been called micro.

The micro is a procedure by which electricity is generated by burning a fuel and heat simultaneously obtained as thermal energy for use in heating and Ahorro energético or domestic hot water is Ahorro energético all in the same place that is to be consumed with saving costs in the production and distribution of electricity.

The main advantage of micro or simultaneous production of electricity and heat at the point of final consumption, is energy efficiency but also becomes the alternative solution to the use of renewable energies since the micro does not depend on climatic factors and therefore availability is ensured at all times. The installation of microgeneration in homes, usually small power equipment and easily adaptable to domestic hot water installations and heating achieved not only improve the energy efficiency of housing by enabling greater energy savings but also enables the end user of the energy generated by micro computers become smaller producers who can dump their surpluses on the grid.

In Spain the use of microgeneration equipment in homes is not as widespread as in other European countries but starting to commercialize small micro equipment similar to traditional murals size boilers. Three further development technologies today have tended to micro-cogeneration energy in homes: engines similar to those of cars (used mainly in large blocks of flats and owners’ buildings with central heating and internal combustion industry tertiary), Stirling external combustion engine type (especially suitable for houses) and microturbines.

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