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How to make decorations with Buttons for the Christmas Pino

With buttons you can make ornaments for the Christmas tree. Pinito is that the symbol is a very versatile allowing us to decorate it with a host of objects, whether glass, plastic, cardboard, and the elements we have at hand. Of course there are things to be bought in stores and are very attractive, but none have the charm that can only be achieved when we do it with our own hands.

Here’s how to make ornaments with buttons for the Christmas tree, which will take the form of small pendants pinitos. For this task we need only buttons of different sizes and colors, scissors, a little heavy thread and needle. Let’s do it! .

Steps to make steps with buttons for the Christmas tree
First, we make and piled 4 or 5 buttons the same size, even better if they are the same color. This will be the basis of the first steps made with buttons. With the help of the needle and thread thickness, the we assure each other, through the holes.

Then we take a much bigger button diameter and secured along with the others. We continue placing the rest, but we make sure that the size will decrease as we stacking. We can repeat the operation as many times as you want, resulting in a higher trim buttons or close once the first row. When we achieve the desired size and shape, we tied the thread, leaving a little to make a sort of hook that allows us to hang.

Usually, with these simple steps we have done an ornament with buttons for the Christmas tree. Here is a video to see all the steps clearly and can make your own buttons pinito.

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